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Me and the bunnies

Oh look, a bunny!

Outside of design I'm still designing. I got banned from the art supply closet in kindergarten for making too many things and haven't stoppened since.

I've been creating, collaborating, leading teams, and designing products and brands for over a dozen years. I've loved every minute. I've gotten to brand and help launch over ten start-ups, helping to guide them towards everything from acquisition to filing on the market. Throughout this journey the most important part of the equation has always been about helping people voice their vision through visual communication and experience design.

I'm currently at Eventbrite, recruiting and building the design team (eight designers and growing), leading product, marketing, and sales design, and cultivating our brand. Every day is full of collaboration, research, learning, translating requests, championing the team, and making lifelong friends.

I believe that the role of design is to dissolve barriers, create opportunity, and deliver delight. I've chosen to work with people and companies that help dissolve the walls of distribution, old-world business practices, and past archetypes. This choice has taken me down a path of mobile at Microsoft (T-Mobile Sidekick), entertainment Sony Pictures (Crackle), social media and cloud-based music sharing at imeem (acquired by MySpace), online social registration and ticketing to support offline experiences (Eventbrite).

Outside of Eventbrite, I am an advisor for start-ups that create technology to help the disabled, improve nutrition, and connect communities. Throughout it all, the most gratifying experiences happen while working with friends, endeavors for social good, and entrepreneurs who are bubbling over with intention to help the world. I design to help these people bring these ideas to life.

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